Bartender Make Right Mix

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Bartender Make Right Mix gives you the opportunity to become a professional mixologist. Choose the right ingredients and create special drinks.

This online game has 2 modes. You can choose Online Save or Local Save based on your preference. Both modes are easy to access. In particular, you can't experience 2 modes in Pokemon Diamonds Puzzle.

Start Bartender Make Right Mix

Starting this game, the main interface of the game includes a bartender, a cabinet of ingredients, control keys, and a small speaker. This entertaining game is thoughtful when it comes to preparing everything for you to run a realistic-like bar. You can turn the music off or on and make any drink you want.

How To Mix And Enjoy

Notice the three red controls: Pour, Shake, and Serve. First, select your favorite ingredients by clicking on the target ingredient bottle. Then, press and hold the Pour button to add ingredients. Press until you see enough ingredients. Note that you can use many different bottles. After that, press and hold the Shake button to mix the ingredients together. Finally, press the Serve key to enjoy. It's easy to mix and complete a special drink. Don't forget to see the emotions of a mixologist after drinking. There are many interesting feelings to enjoy.