Pokemon Diamonds Puzzle

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Pokemon Diamonds Puzzle proposes challenges with Pokemon gems. Pile up gems of the same type to remove them and get as many points as you can.

How to Pile Gems

On the playing screen of Pokemon Diamonds Puzzle, you will see the appearance of many different gems. They belong to a variety of elements such as water, fire, trees, and earth. To distinguish them, you can rely on their symbols and colors. The same colors mean they are of the same type.

After distinguishing the gems, pile them up to clear and get points. To pile up, use your mouse and slide over the target gems. Note that do not click. Otherwise, the gems cannot pile up. Instead, they will be removed immediately.

Other Notes When Playing Pokemon Diamonds Puzzle

The more gems you pile up, the more points you get. Besides, time will also pass more slowly. Each round will be limited in time. Therefore, collecting gems quickly and abundantly will benefit you. In addition, collecting different types of gems will also bring benefits to you.

This online game requires your fast reflexes to fight for a limited time. It's in contrast with Shell Shockers 2 where you can combat in endless matches. However, your enemies are other players, so it's also extremely intense.