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Play 2048 to merge the same numbers together and create the largest number. It seems easy but challenging when you play for a long time. You can only really understand this if you've played the game before. Let's experience it now to add a favorite game to your game list. This online game will not let you down.

The 2048 game has the same genre as Four In A Row. They all belong to the puzzle category. However, in this puzzle game, you will play with numbers until the game is over. It is similar to the gameplay of an endless game. Have a nice time!

Let's Look Some Details Of 2048

  • Publisher: Solebon LLC
  • Release Date: Solebon LLC
  • Genre: Puzzle

This online game is for single players. You can play it on web browsers. In particular, you can play the 2048 game online on our Shell Shockers website. It's free and easy to access.

Playing Walkthroughs

Basic Rules Of This Puzzle Game

Coming to this single-player puzzle game, you can feel how fun math is. The math becomes more fun for the players. As a result, you can encourage your kids to play this online game to improve their thinking ability. 2048 is suitable for all ages.

In order to play this arcade game, you need to move the squares. On each square, there are numbers. These squares will merge together if they have the same number. For example, you can merge a square of 8 with a square of 8 to make a square of 16. It's similar to other numbers.

How To Beat The 2048 Game

Try to merge as many tiles as possible to get the biggest number. Note that there are new squares created after each move. Make sure these squares will not fill the playing field. If this happens, this 2048 game will be over.