Four In A Row

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This life is entertaining and relaxing if you come to Four In A Row!

Four In A Row is a puzzle game for one or two players. Use your wits to form lines of discs. You will win if you complete this line before your opponent.

In addition, it is easy to play this puzzle game. You just need to visit our website to play. The controls are also very simple. You just need to use your mouse to click where you want to place the disc.

The Diversity Of Four In A Row's Modes

There are 3 game modes in this online game.

The Online Player Mode - Connect With A Random Player

This mode allows you to play against other players around the world. How to connect with them? To do this, you just need to choose Online Player mode. After that, you can choose between Create Room or Join Room. There are 2 types of rooms: Public and Private. The choice is up to you.

The Two-Player Mode - 2 Players Play On The Same Device

In this mode, you will compete with your opponent on the same smart device. Take turns moving and finding the ultimate winner. It is convenient and fun because you can choose your opponent and interact directly with that opponent.

The Play vs Computer Mode - Surprisingly Hard Mode in Four In A Row

Your opponent in this mode is AI. The bot in Four In A Row is challenging to win. However, this computer mode is suitable for solo players. Or, it will also be ideal if you want to improve your skills before playing against real opponents.

Free Setting For All Players

This entertaining game allows you to set modes. You can select the number of discs ịn a line to win or the number of squares in the playing field. Set up it following your interest and enjoy Four In A Row in your own way!