Traffic Tom

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Traffic Tom opens the racing world for you to complete missions at each level to gain victory. Let's drive and run to avoid collisions to gain your goal.

There is nothing more enjoyable than riding your motorbike to enjoy your free time in comfortable surroundings. In this online game, you will have the opportunity to control your own motor and enjoy the unique tracks that this racing game has to offer.

Conditions Traffic Tom Provides For You

This driving game has a lot of features to give you the most enjoyable experience with your motorbike. First, you can unlock to buy new vehicles. Their selling price corresponds to the benefits they bring to you. Besides, motorcycle upgrades are necessary to increase the running speed as well as the appearance of your motos. Second, you can experience many levels with unique missions. No duplicates appear in this online game.

How to Ride a Motorcycle

After starting the game, you just need to use the arrow keys to control your vehicle. Remember to pay attention to other means of transport and your duties at each level. You need to avoid accidents and use the shortest time to ensure a level win.