Tiny Jelly

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Tiny Jelly requires you to match as many jellies as possible to form a long connection and get points. You can connect vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. When you connect jellies, you only need to pay attention to only one rule: connect the same jellies together. You can see jellies with orange, blue, or red colors. Let's connect based on their colors.

When Can I Finish Connecting In Tiny Jelly

Tiny Jelly starts with your first click on the Play button. This is the time when you will start a round that also corresponds to a level. When you connect jellies, the connected jellies will be removed and new jellies will be added. So, when can you finish connecting?

It is simple to define. Each level will give you a requirement. It could be winning enough points or matching a certain type of jelly. Aim for the goal that the game gives at the beginning of the game to win.

Awesome Combos

3 jellies are enough for you to form a connection. However, the more jellies you connect with at once, the more points you get and the more combos you can form. These combos will help you destroy an entire row of jelly.

How to control: Slide your mouse.