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Terraria simulates the real world to help you enjoy the life of construction, resource mining, and combat. In particular, you can fight bosses and raise bots.

Basic Reviews Of This Game

The graphics of this online game are designed according to pixel art and have a gameplay similar to Minecraft Online. You can build, collect, and explore the whole map. However, this game will be much more special thanks to the boss-fighting and bit-raising modes. Let's learn about the outstanding features of this game.

Outstanding Features of Terraria

Coming to this game, you cannot ignore the mode of collecting and building houses. You can do whatever you want in this simulation world to enjoy moments of entertainment.

Besides, exploring the whole map will also be an interesting experience. There are many different terrains for you to explore. During your adventures, you can face many dangers from bosses and the undead. They will attack you.

Finally, the bot-raising mode to support the players is very special. You have to build houses for them to live in and they allow you to call them in when you need them. Note that each bot will have its own functions.


  • WASD - Move
  • 0 to 9 - Select Tool
  • R - Reset Me
  • Click - Dig/ Place
  • C - Center on Mouse
  • E - Open/ Close Inventory
  • K - Creative Mode