Tap Tap Shots

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Tap Tap Shots - Fire Dunk Hit!

Game Introduction

Welcome to Tap Tap Shots where you can play basketball in a new way. Click to make the ball bounce. Your task is to try to get the ball into the basket. The basic principle of this video game is simple. However, you will face some additional principles to make this sports game interesting. Are you ready to experience the fun of Tap Tap Shots?

Noticeable Rules When Playing Tap Tap Shots In 2023

The Limited Time

At the beginning of this Tap Tap Shots game, you need to put the ball in the basket. On the first try, time is unlimited. However, from the second play, the click time is 5 seconds. You only need a short time to make the goal of throwing the ball into the basket. Therefore, act quickly. Time passes faster than your thought.

Various Positions Of Baskets

After each successful throw, the position of the basket will change. It can move up or down. The movement is random and without rules. You need to be quick to react to these different positions.

The Unlimited Balls

In contrast to the 5-second time, the number of balls is unlimited. You can use as many balls as you want. Take advantage of this advantage to save time and shoot the fastest baskets. If a ball moves not according to your strategy, do not hesitate and discard it immediately to use a new ball.

Bonus Scores With Perfect Throws

When you move the ball high and drop it to hit the basket, you will get more points. These are the ideal pitches of the Tap Tap Shots game. When you make this perfect pitch, there will be yellow smoke behind the ball.

Try to successfully throw as many balls as you can and get the best score in Tap Tap Shots.

These new rules can give you several advantages and disadvantages. Whether or not you succeed depends on your ability to apply them in practice in this sports Tap Tap Shots game. Good luck!