Super Mario Flash

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Let's participate in a new journey to the Western world with Mario in Super Mario Flash. You also have to face various dangers to reach your destination.

Mario Game Series

The Mario series is a popular series in the running world. In different versions of this online game series, you will transform into the Mario character and overcome many different dangers. These dangers can come from scary creatures such as carnivorous plants or wild animals. You also face platforms or piles. Inside them, there may be items or dangers.

About Super Mario Flash

This Flash version was launched to give players a more accessible version of the new theme. Your task is still to control Mario to move forward and jump over all the dangers. However, you can collect various items instead of mushrooms. For example, you can get a blue sword with strong power. After absorbing it, you have an outer shield. After touching the dangerous animals, you will not die. Instead, the dead are your opponents.

In addition, the Western background also makes many players become impressed. It brings a special and unique compared to other editions.

Controls: Use the ARROW keys to play this Super Mario Flash game.