Stickman Party

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Stickman Party provides you with 8 mini-games from racing to soccer to compete between 2 players. Invite your friend and play together to find a better player.

Stickman Party Online

When you access our Shell Shockers website, it's time for you to play online. This arcade game is also the same. You only can visit through online platforms and play it on our website. It's convenient for players to enjoy the game anytime and anywhere.

Description Of Each Mini-Games

STICKMAN RUN requires 2 players to move between two platforms. These two platforms are designed in tandem with obstacles. Move to platforms that are free of obstacles. Whoever moves longer wins.

TANK BATTLE organizes an attack between two tanks on a maze. Move and shoot down your enemies.

MICRO RACING starts a car race. Two racing cars will move on the same track to find the finisher first.

SOCCER is a 2-minute soccer match between two players. Try to win by scoring more points in the allotted time.

STICK'N'BALL asks you to choose a fixed position to avoid the balls after entering the match. During the match, you just need to stand still and wait for the result.

COLOR CHALLENGE is a 2-player competition on the same map with squares. Move your character to color as much as you can and collect items.

GOLDEN BOX contains items such as coins and bombs. If you press the joystick when coins appear, you will get points. It is deducted points when choosing the bomb. The contest runs for 40 seconds.

STICKMAN PUSH takes place on an iceberg. Whoever gets pushed into the water first loses.

Note that all competitions are for 2 players. in order to control, you need to use WASD and Arrow keys.