Stick Merge

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Stick Merge starts the uncompromising fight between your stickman character and the desert bandits. Shoot them all down even though they are hiding anywhere.

Start Stick Merge

To start this shooting game, you need to know the basic rules. First, your task is to shoot down all the enemies in a level to advance to the next level.

To accomplish this goal, you have a few factors to keep in mind. That is the second most important thing. Your opponents can also attack you until your health bar is depleted. Don't let that happen if you don't want to lose. Besides, you should also pay attention to your ammo count. You only have a limited amount in your weapon. After running out of ammo, you need time to reload.

Fight Day by Day To Protect the Desert

The fight in Stick Merge will take place in a dry desert. There are buildings where robbers are hiding. Attack them day by day and try to survive. The number of your opponents will increase day by day, so you have to be careful when approaching new days. This online game will inform you how many enemies you have by looking at the top left corner of the screen. Pay attention to this important factor!