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About SpiderDoll

SpiderDoll is an online adventure game where you control your spider-doll to overcome as many buildings as possible. It's an endless adventure for all players. This game is for single players to experience the life of spiderman. Although you can not compete directly with other players as eggs in Shell Shockers, it's still intense when you can compete for the leading player in the leaderboard. Are you become the top player in the SpiderDoll game? Let's try and show your abilities!

More Information For You

SpiderDoll's Modes

There are 3 modes: Story, Practice, and Fighting Mode. Each mode requires you to participate in different journeys of spider-doll. Your missions are also different. This difference is only discovered when you access each mode and enjoy it!


Your spider doll has the ability to create spider silk that can stick to buildings and objects. Use this ability to swing from one building to another while avoiding falling. Don't let your character hurt.

While playing, you also need to pay attention to obstacles and the height of the building. Choose a suitable place to stick to and move to this target. Good luck!

Note that you can unlock various skins.