Smart Looter

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Smart Looter brings new experiences when you can transform into a thief to steal all the items, but don't forget to avoid detection by the guards.

Smart Looter Level Gameplay

This entertaining game is divided into many levels and the gameplay of the levels is similar. As a thief, you need to break into a target house to steal all the items. In this house, there will be many objects such as chairs, tables, beds, and cabinets and you can get them all in one move.

However, in the houses, there will also be guards who are always on patrol to detect thieves. They have a lamp that illuminates a space. If you move into this area, you will be arrested. Besides, remember to move back to the main door to escape. The game will require you to steal the necessary amount of money before completing a level.

How to Control Characters

To control your character, you just need to use your mouse to slide. The character will move and automatically collect objects around. This move is very important because you need to dodge the guards. Therefore, please move as carefully as possible.