Ski Slopes

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Are you ready to participate in thrilling trips with a snowman in Ski Slopes? Come to this running game to run away from obstacles and danger on your way!

During a visit to the snowy mountain to play, the snowman encountered an avalanche. In the face of that danger, the snowman must snowboard fast forward while facing a lot of obstacles. Join the snowman and stay safe. Have a nice time!

This running game will have faster gameplay than Bob the Robber because you will slide continuously on the slopes of snowy mountains. It is also an interesting challenge that this Ski Slopes game brings to all players.

Walkthroughs For You

Obstacles You Have To Face

There are many obstacles such as other snowmen, animals, trees, and stones. If you crash into these barriers, your snowman will die. In addition, as you can know, one of the most remarkable dangers is the slope. You have to snowboard at the high speed. With any mistakes, your trip will end.

Ways To Snowboard In Ski Slopes

  • Click the left mouse button or press the Spacebar to jump.
  • Hold and press these buttons to jump higher and longer.
  • Use the right-click to somersault.
  • Somersaults 2 times with the double click.

Notes For You

Remember to collect coins to upgrade your snowman.

Besides, like Shell Shockers, this running game is endless. Let's move as far as possible and get the highest score until the journey ends.