Sea Monsters Food Duel

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Sea Monsters Food Duel is a competition for food between two characters. Remember to eat only fresh foods and avoid frozen and rancid foods. This competition will become highly intense because 2 players have to duel directly.

What Did The Sea Monster Eat

Sea Monsters Food Duel provides 3 main types of food. The first food is the fresh food that can help you win points. This food has a bright red color. The second type of food is frozen meat with a layer of ice on the outside. Finally, stale food has a green mold color. The second and third foods are harmful to your character.

How to Play

Sea Monsters Food Duel is divided into 2 modes: 1 Player and 2 Players. The difference between these two modes is your opponent. Play in 1-Player mode to compete against the computer or invite friends in 2-Player mode.

No matter which mode you choose, the rules of the game are the same. The first thing you need to do is choose a character to represent you. These characters are creatures of the ocean like crabs, octopuses, sharks, starfish, or seahorses. There are characters that will ask you to unlock that. After that, let's move on to the match. Each match lasts 10 minutes. Whoever eats fresh food gets 1 point. Frozen and rancid foods will freeze you for a short period of time. After 10 minutes, whoever gets 8 points first wins. However, after that time period, if no one has all 8 points, the winner will be the one with more points.