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What is the meaning of Scribble?

Scribble has many meanings, but in the gaming world, it only has one means. Scribble refers to a multiplayer action game in which you must circle as many territories as possible while competing with other players. It's challenging but exciting. Now, let's start to learn more details about this online game.

Basic Information

This multiplayer game is published in 2022 to bring players a relaxing environment. Humans tend to draw doodles to dispel stress and fatigue. That is the reason why Doodlr.io can be popular. Based on this idea, Scribble was designed. However, it doesn't stop at that mere idea. The developer has added other interesting features like multiplayer or competition in this video game to add more fun.

Now, you can play Scribble on various gaming platforms. However, the online version is ideal. You can play in full-screen mode without any app.

Some Tips When Playing Scribble

When you play multiplayer games, you will have to compete with a lot of other players. It's not just about conquering challenges like in Apple Worm anymore. Therefore, the matches will be very intense. To be a winner in a competition, you need to understand and conquer all the rules in Scribble.

Grasp All The Rules Of The Game

Your task is to control your character to circle the free territories. It is impossible to take the land of other players. The more land you have, the higher your rank on the leaderboard.

Besides, you need to pay attention to the competitive nature of this Scribble game. While circling the territory, all players have 1 tail. If you crash into this unclosed tail, your opponent will be destroyed. Conversely, if you get crashed in the process, your character will be destroyed. Pay attention to this rule of play in Scribble.

Use Personal Strategies

Although this is just an entertaining game, you can also show your intelligence through strategies to win. You can try to circle in uncrowded areas. You can also choose crowded places to compete with other enemies. It all depends on your judgment. Good luck!