Run 3

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Warm up before starting the endless running game, Run 3 to get the highest score possible or complete all levels. This running game will give you 3 modes.

Welcome to our website where you can experience many exciting games such as Monkey Mart and Avatar Game! And, one of the most popular games is Run 3. As you can know, this running game was published a long time ago. You can't play it on many other platforms anymore. However, as long as you visit our website, the Run 3 game can still be played.

The Best Information About Run 3

New version

Many players are still looking forward to the new version, called Run 4. However, the fourth volume is still only a future projection of the developers. Therefore, there is still no official information about this new version. While waiting for the news, you can play Yeti Sensation and Smarty Bubbles in your free time.

Run 3 Age

Almost all ages can play this online game as long as you can control your character.

New Updates

In the past time, Run 3 has had some significant changes.

  • First, this running game has some extra platform features like slowing down or speeding up.
  • Second, the game offers an online mode where you can join run rooms with other players.

Playing Walkthroughs

Use ARROW KEYS to control your alien to jump from one platform into another platform while avoiding falling into space. It's a basic rule of this running game. However, there are some changes when you play 1 of 3 game modes.

  • Adventure Mode: Run to the destination to complete a level.
  • Infinite Mode: Move as far as possible to get the highest score. This mode is similar to the gameplay of Relic Runway.
  • Online Mode: Compete with other online players.