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Roper is an exciting adventure for a boy with special abilities like changing direction and swinging rope. Control this special character to reach the end.

Your Character's Special Abilities

As you can read in the previous introduction, your character has two main abilities. This boy can move in the direction of your control using the arrow keys. The right and left arrow keys help him move from side to side. The up arrow key will help him jump.

However, it is not possible for you to control the direction of movement. Your character only changes direction when encountering an obstacle ahead. You need to take advantage of the position of the obstacles to change the direction of movement when necessary.

Besides, the second possibility is swinging rope. As you move through the holes, there will be swing points at the top. You just need to get close enough for the rope to appear and use it.

Roper All Levels

This online game includes many levels for you to control this little boy. Each level has a lot of coins and a destination. Collect all the coins and reach the destination to win each level. Don't forget to avoid and overcome the dangers by applying the abilities of this guy.