Pizza Tower

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Pizza Tower starts journeys of Peppino to find a way to collapse the tower and rescue his pizzeria. The number of challenges is many. Can you overcome? These challenges will not be easy for you to overcome. Therefore, please prepare well before participating.

Pizza Tower Peppino

Pizza Tower Peppino is the main character of this adventure game. His full name is Peppino Spaghetti from the romantic country of Italy where a lot of delicious food comes from. He has a chubby and lovely body. Starting out as a pizzeria owner, Peppino decided to destroy the pizza tower which made the business of many pizzerias difficult. This foreshadows a challenging future for Peppino.

Before beginning the game, you can change outfits for your main character with a wardrobe. There are many skins with different colors and patterns.

How To Play

Pizza Tower allows you to choose one of four levels before running. In addition, you can play custom levels with unique challenges. It will be an exciting experience in the game. Each level contains secret traps and obstacles throughout the map. You need to move through them and fight the boss at the end of each level. Winning this boss is when you win.

How to control: Use the Z key to choose and jump. Move by using arrow keys.