Onet Connect Classic

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Onet Connect Classic comes from an entertaining world with cute characters. You can connect two same images to champion cups for each level.

How do you entertain? Come here and our website will introduce a classic game where you can immerse in the Onet world. There are many characters.

Onet Connect Classic Characters

The number of characters in this online game is many. You can see the appearance of yellow cats, blue whales, red birds, and other adorable animals. In addition, if you want to play with fruits or candies, it will be possible.

Types of characters create a different playing field for you. Let's choose one of the three boards before starting the official matches.

Requirements When Connecting

Onet Connect Classic has familiar gameplay with a one-button click. Let's find two same images to connect and remove them.

In order to connect 2 images in Onet Connect Classic, you need to make sure that two images can connect by less than 3 lines. After matching successfully, you will get points and stars.

In addition, the game only allows you to play for 5 minutes. In this period, you can use changing arrows or hints. The changing arrow helps you move and change the position of maintaining images while hints will suggest 1 couple for you.