Odd One Out

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Odd One Out tests your eyesight with thousands of different questions in 2 modes: arcade and emoji. Can you find the difference from the other pictures?

Odd One Out Gameplay

This online game has the simplest possible gameplay where you only need to click to select the target images. However, you cannot choose any target. There is one requirement that must be strictly adhered to.

Principles of Choosing Targets

On the playing screen of Odd One Out, there are many similar images. However, there is one image that has a distinctive feature compared to the others. You need to find it and choose it to pass a level of this game. However, this is not easy because the target image is interspersed with other images. You need to find it as fast as you can because time is limited. If time runs out, you need to finish choosing your goal.

Results After Choosing Target

If you choose wrong, you need to restart that level. However, if you choose correctly, you can get a bunch of coins while collecting experience points. The experience points will give you a gift when you accumulate enough.

Arcade And Emoji

Arcade and Emoji are two modes of this Odd One Out game. Each mode has 1000 levels. If you want to conquer this entertaining game, 2000 levels are waiting for you. Moreover, each level gradually increases the difficulty to challenge you.

In terms of differences between the 2 modes, look at their themes. Each mode has its own theme with different images. However, you can rest assured. The rules of the game are unchanged in the modes.