Odd Bot

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Odd Bot requires you to click and guide your character to the odd box to complete a level's mission with unique graphics. All you need to do is click and click.

Play This Puzzle Online

Odd Bot allows you to visit online. In particular, our website provides you with a free environment to play this puzzle game. There is no place to have more convenient conditions for you to enjoy this entertaining game.

At the beginning of the game, you need to click on the points where you want your character to move. After clicking, the character will automatically move. However, this only happens when a path is available. If there is no path or the path has obstacles, movement is impossible for the character.

Therefore, you also have the task of removing obstacles on the way. The purple blocks can be moved. This is a favorable condition for you to build new roads. Besides, the game also allows you to rotate the castle to observe the map in all directions.

How to control: Use your mouse.

Odd Bot Level 9

Odd Bot level 9 is a difficult level that many players are interested in. However, applying the rules mentioned in the above section can help you pass this level more easily.