Mahjong Relax

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Mahjong Relax is a new version of the Mahjong series. You will experience more mahjong with different images in this game than in other volumes. In particular, it's more challenging to gain victory. Many players have verified this.

Mahjong Relax Difficulty

Mahjong Relax is rated as a difficult game for all players by the number of mahjong and the images shown above mahjong.

The number of mahjong is increased and they are arranged in special orders. This makes it difficult for players to connect to the same mahjong. This mahjong stacks on top of another mahjong. It's like forming a mahjong maze for you to explore.

Besides, the pictures of mahjong are quite similar and hard to distinguish. The visual variety is there, but the small number of colors makes the game challenging to distinguish the mahjong. Try it out and feel it.

How To Play

The gameplay of this Mahjong Relax game is similar to other matching games. Your task is to choose two similar mahjong to eliminate them. However, you cannot choose which mahjong is located inside the place adjacent to more than 2 other mahjong.

This arcade game has no time limit and provides hints for you. You can take advantage of this to play.