Little Big Snake

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Little Big Snake! A new game is stirring up the lives of today's gamers! Have you played this multiplayer game yet? Start now to enjoy the most exciting moments with this action game! In particular, you can invite friends to create a team and fight with other snakes.

This snake game is highly rated across platforms. It has been a huge success for publisher Addicting Games Inc because it has attracted millions of players around the world.

All Creatures In Little Big Snake

Snakes - Main Creature

Little Big Snake is designed as a real natural system with a diverse natural environment. There are many creatures of many different classes. The first creature is the one that dominates the map - SNAKE.

This is the main character you will become in each match. When you become a snake, you need to collect light dots all over the map to increase your body size. Besides, you can attack other players by trapping and making them crash into you. Your opponent will die if they crash into you.

Besides food from dots and enemies, you can also eat bugs, or bubbles on the map. These are creatures lower than you.

Beetle - Creature After Death

After death, this Little Big Snake game will not end immediately. Instead, you can choose to be a beetle or not. The task of the orange beetle is to collect light dots to increase points or revive.

Note, however, that beetles are food for snakes. If you fly, no one can reach you. After landing to collect dots, the beetle is vulnerable.

Water Bugs and Bubbles In Little Big Snake

These two creatures are the lowest-level creatures in this action game. They are snake food. The beetles are unable to hurt them in the Little Big Snake game.

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