Lazy Jump Online

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Lazy Jump Online gives you a unique experience when controlling your lazy character to move to the destination. He didn't even get up during the move.

Special Lazy Character

You may have participated in a lot of moving games on our website. Your characters can be people, stickmen, or adorable animals. However, they will have one thing in common: the flexibility to move.

Coming to this online game, your character will be completely different from what you have experienced. Your character is a lazy boy who lays all the time right. Even in the process of moving, he will be lying and moving. With this unique pose, the game promises to bring you interesting experiences.

How to Play Lazy Jump Online

To play this running game, click on the screen to move the lazy boy. However, when clicking, you need to pay attention to your clicking side. If you click on the left side of the character, your character will move to the left and it will be the opposite if you want to move to the right.

While moving, remember to avoid unusual obstacles such as spikes and gears. These objects will hurt the boy. In contrast, collisions with normal objects such as cabinets, stairs, or walls are normal.