Impostor Killer

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Impostor Killer brings you new gameplay when controlling your imposter. Your mission is still to kill others without detection. However, everything will become more thrilling and intense. Are you curious about this confirmation? Let's start with the first section, impostor killer game, to learn more details.

Impostor Killer Game

Impostor Killer game is inspired by the Among Us game with the main character imposter. You can be familiar with this character thanks to its cute appearance.

In this game, you have the same look as well as the mission. However, you not only avoid detection when you kill other characters but also avoid being seen by others. It means that you must not let anyone know of your presence on the spaceship. In order to perform this task, you need to hide behind walls and kill the characters from behind their backs.

Let's try your best and conquer each level of the game. How many levels can you finish? Let's play and show your abilities!

How To Control

The control way for the Imposter Killer game is easy. Use arrow keys to move. When your imposter meets others, it will automatically act and eliminate enemies. Therefore, it's not necessary to care about the attack button.