Gold Miner Tom

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Gold Miner Tom brings you on an adventure to collect gold and valuable treasures underground. Aim and take all items you can reach with your Tom character. The life of miners is harder than you think. It is already hard to find these precious metals. It also takes time to pull those items up. This will be accurately described in the famous game, Gold Miner Tom with new characters and new challenges. Are you ready to join?

Gold Miner Tom Online

Gold Miner Tom Online is a convenient version for all players to access and experience online. When playing, the game will require target money. You need to earn enough money in a limited time to complete a level.

In order to earn money, let's take items such as gold and diamonds. In addition, there are many secret bags with surprising gifts. Since your time is limited, you should save time by avoiding low-value and heavy items. A good example is stone. Heavy items will take a long time to gather.


The Gold Miner Tom game provides some upgrades and bonuses for you such as bombs and tonic for your Tom character. Use your money to purchase and use.

How to control: Click your mouse.