Garden Bloom

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Garden Bloom is a flower competition in which you help Lucy to create the greatest flower garden her grandfather did. Let's connect the same flowers!

Starting Of Garden Bloom

Lucy is the main character in the story of Garden Bloom. Returning from the city's flower show, she didn't receive any awards. While depressed, she accidentally finds her grandfather's old book. Lucy finds out that her grandfather used to be the winner of this contest. The surprise could not be contained. She informed Robert, her companion. After discussing, the two decided to rebuild their garden together according to the teachings of Lucy Grandpa's books. They hope that this flower garden will become the best garden in the city.

Accompanying Lucy And Connecting The Flowers

Garden Bloom will bring flowers in full bloom. Your task is to connect the flowers to achieve the goal of this online game.

Garden Bloom's Connection

How to connect flowers in Garden Bloom is like how you connect bubbles in Om Nom Bubbles. However, instead of shooting the ball, you will move the position of two appropriate flowers to form a combination of 3 similar flowers. You can also connect more than 3 flowers to form boosters.

When Will Success Come To Lucy

Thanks to your help, Lucy's garden will be upgraded with each level. Please complete the given tasks to achieve this. To control the game, you just need to use the mouse to move two flowers near each other.