Finn & Bones

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Come to Finn & Bones to control your Finn character to rescue your friend and eliminate bones. It is an exciting action game for all players. In the playing process, you need to pay attention to many elements. One of them is weapons. You need to choose your weapon before beginning a level. It's challenging to test your planning skills.

Elements You Can Improve

There are 4 stats you can enhance.

  • Health expresses the damage you can take.
  • Attack shows the damage you deal.
  • Defense helps you block the damage from your enemies.
  • Luck shows the chances of critical and block attacks.

After equipping, let's start the official game now!

How To Play Finn & Bones

Gameplay Of Finn & Bones

Your Finn character will use weapons you equid to fight bones. You can complete a level if you can kill your opponents. There are many levels for you to conquer. In addition, you can use items during combat to improve your character's health. Note that you will get new items after the victory of each round. It's a wonderful source to collect as many powerful items as possible.

In addition, you can get hints by clicking on a girl with pink hair on the right and mix items together to create a new powerful item.

How To Control

Use your mouse to play.

Specific Instructions For Mixing Powerful Items

Your character has various sources of power such as weapons and health stats. You can upgrade them to make your character stronger. However, there is a great way for all players in addition to the above 2 ways. It is to create new items from the previous ones. It means you can merge 2 existing items to create a new item with greater power.

Specifically, you can put 2 items in the section below the guide girl and press the 'Mix' button. New items will be created immediately. There is no requirement to merge items. You are free to be as creative as you like.