Feets Doctor Urgent Care

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Feets Doctor Urgent Care helps you become a doctor to cure residents. The special thing is that you will take care of the patient's feet instead of all body. This game is a novel game that helps you satisfy your passion to become a doctor and save others. In particular, it is a good way to practice first aid for your feet whenever your feet encounter different injuries.

Feets Doctor Urgent Care Playing Way

In Feets Doctor Urgent Care, there are many patients waiting for you to cure. It is allowed to select whichever patient you want to treat first because they all arrive at the same time. Some patients ask you to watch ads to unlock.

When entering the official round, you need to observe the wounds and find ways to deal with them. Each wound and problem on the foot has a different solution. You need to use the right method to cure the patient. After the patient's foot is healthy again, you can continue with other patients.

Functions Of Objects

There are different items in Feets Doctor Urgent Care. However, you just need to know the function of the following items so that you can play this game well.

  • Use tongs to remove the spikes from the foot.
  • The water spray is effective in removing stains.
  • Soap helps to disinfect.
  • A gauze is used to cover the wound.

Note that these items should be placed on the wound for a while before it is activated.