Drift F1

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Drift F1 - Fierce Car Races

Welcome to Drift F1 where you can enjoy moments of entertainment while driving your car through each map. These maps are completely different from other games before. Now, are you curious about this driving game? Let's start this arcade game now to experience it! Have a nice time!

Drift F1 Definition

Drift F1 is a multi-level driving game. Control your car to overcome challenges and dangers to reach the finish line. This entertaining game is inspired by Formula D where talented car racers show off their motorsport abilities. This driving game also inspires other games, especially Drift 3.

However, there are many challenges in this online version for you to join and test your driving skills!

How to control This Driving Game

It is easy to control your car in Drift F1. Just use your left mouse button. Press and hold this button to make your car change the movement direction. Release it to come to the previous direction. Good luck with Drift F1!

Challenges You Have To Face

There are different challenges in Drift F1.

Dangerous Platforms On The Whole Map

The maps in this driving game are made up of different platforms with distinct shapes and sizes. These platforms can make you fall into the spaces easily. Try to drive carefully to avoid falling. If this happens, the game will be over.

In addition, there are rough roads. Try to keep the handlebars on these roads. Moreover, you should be careful with the turn. These are dangerous areas and it is easy to fall on these ramps.

Fast-paced Speed Of Your Car

The speed of the game is fast. You need to get used to this pace to be able to drive safely. Note that collect all coins on your way to getting the higher score.

Drift Level of Different Cars

Drift F1 offers players a variety of vehicles. Each type of vehicle has a different slip. This is more difficult to control. Unlock all the cars and choose the one that suits you best.