Dreadhead Parkour

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Dreadhead Parkour starts your thrilling adventures with your Dreadhead. Let's use your ultimate moving skill to reach the destination and complete each level.

Dreadhead's Life

Dreadhead is a fantasy character with a unique appearance. He has a human body but his whole body is white. The most prominent feature is always white hair with unusually large hairs.

His goal is to start adventures to discover new lands. He will go to different locations at each level. This creates levels for you to conquer. These roads will not be easy to conquer because of many challenges. Are you ready to take the path that Dreadhead has chosen?

Dreadhead Parkour Movement Guide

To move in this running game, you mainly just need to use the arrow keys. Each arrow key will correspond to different moving skills. For example, the up arrow helps you jump while the down arrow helps you slide. The left and right arrows will allow you to move sideways.

In particular, when moving, the combination of these skills is very important. For example, you need to jump and move to the right to pass consecutive spikes. These two skills will help you jump further. Good luck using these migrations!