Doge Blocks

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Doge Blocks challenges your assembly skills with puzzle pieces inspired by dogs. Think, arrange, assemble, and complete each board at each level.

Doge Blocks Rules of Play

This new puzzle game has a fairly simple gameplay principle when you just need to use your mouse to complete all tasks. Each mission will create a level where the puzzle pieces are randomly placed. Observe and choose the appropriate pieces to put on the playing board. You will win when the board is filled with pieces. However, no game is not completely easy because a series of challenges are waiting for you to conquer.

Conquer The Challenges Of The Game

The challenges in this online game are in the shape of puzzle pieces and obstacles on the board. The puzzle pieces not only come in the shape of adorable dogs but also have a variety of sizes. They are made up of blocks. The number of blocks is not the same and the arrangement is similar.

Besides, there are obstacles placed on the board. When aligning, it is impossible to put in these positions. The change of these two factors will create different difficulties for the levels.