Diving Ball

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Diving Ball takes you to the world of music combined with the great movement of the ball. Let's join in the exciting atmosphere and speed of this game now!

Game Impressions

When participating in Diving Ball, you can be impressed by many factors. A few elements that stand out are the sound, speed, and graphics. These factors all bring you unforgettable experiences.

Sound In Diving Ball

As you can know, this online game incorporates musical elements in the game. During each of your races, there will be songs that are turned on. There are many famous songs like Dance Monkey, Treasure, and Trippy Love. In particular, you are free to choose your favorite song before playing. Note that some songs require you to watch ads to listen.

Speed And Graphics

The subject character in Diving Ball is a colorful ball. This ball will move at a very high speed. It is not easy to adapt to this thrilling speed. Besides, neon graphics make the game eye-catching. The design of the balls to the design of the platforms is very impressive.

Play This Diving Ball Game

Control your ball with two principles.

  • First, collect only balls of the same color.
  • Second, avoid falling off platforms.

Just do these two tasks well, you can play this Diving Ball game well. Note that the color of the ball may vary.