Cut The Rope 2

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Welcome to Cut The Rope 2, the second version of the Cut The Rope game series where you cut the rope and bring candy to Om Nom. It's an unexpected adventure.

New Adventure Of Om Nom

While using a hot air balloon with friends, Om Nom fell into a desolate forest. Here, Om Nom needs to find food and move forward to return home. Help Om Nom get candy to eat and complete each level to move closer to his home. It's the reason why this second version is considered an unexpected adventure while keeping many same features of the first volume, Cut The Rope.

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Your main task is similar to the first edition. You need to cut your rope to make candy fall and come to Om Nom's place. The most admirable achievement for each level is 3 stars. Therefore, try to collect all stars on the board.

In addition, there are still challenges such as obstacles and many ropes.

Tips To Play Cut The Rope 2

There are new adventures for you to experience in this new edition. Therefore, you need to use your own strategies to play it. One of them is to cut the straight rope that is placed above Om Nom's head.