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Are you ready to try an adventure game by the designer, Jared Moldenhauer? It's Cuphead. This game will give you intense shooting battles as Cuphead.

Game Description

Protagonist In Adventures

There are 2 main characters: Cuphead and Mugman. They are two brothers. When they play in Devil's Casino, they lost their soul to the Devil. In order to save his soul, Cuphead set out on his adventure to get all the souls of the Devil's debtors instead of losing his soul.

Cuphead Abilities

With the help of Elder Kettle, Cuphead was able to shoot guns from his fingers. This is a powerful weapon. In particular, the number of ammo is unlimited. Use this special ability to fight like a hero.

Cuphead's Challenges

Face various dangerous bosses

In this adventure game, you will not fight many players like Shell Shockers. Instead, you face big bosses. Destroy them to advance to the next level. Note that each boss has a unique ability. For example, you will face Wally Warbles first. This boss is a giant bird who can shoot giant eggs or 3 bullets at once. In the process of shooting down the enemy, remember to avoid their attack. If your health bar is exhausted, the game is over.

Control your Cuphead to overcome dangers

  • Z = Parry
  • X = Shoot
  • C = Shrink
  • V = Ex move
  • Q = Swap Weapons

In these controls, learning how to parry is the most important. It is the same with the observation and strategy in Tic Tac Toe.