Crazy Chicken Jump

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Crazy Chicken Jump brings you from this surprise to another surprise with a cute chicken. Are you ready to join adventures with the main character? In this game, you are not a human. Instead, you become a chicken with jumping abilities. How high can a chicken jump? How long can your character jump? Let's move to the main parts to learn!

How High Can A Chicken Jump

Your chicken can jump from platform to platform continuously. The distance between platforms is no problem for the main character in Crazy Chicken Jump. However, your chicken cannot be without foundations. The platforms are like supporting objects that help the chickens make their next jump. Therefore, the answer to this question is the distance between platforms.

How To Play

Crazy Chicken Jump is designed with the automatic jumping skills of your chicken. You don't need to care about this issue. Instead, you need to control the jumping direction of your chicken to avoid obstacles such as cacti. These cacti will make your character die. In addition, there are power-ups such as jumping pads that allow you to jump higher. In order to finish a level, you need to reach to the chicken nest.

How to control: Slide your mouse.