Cookie Clicker City

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Are you ready to make as many cookies as you can in Cookie Clicker City? Come to this arcade game to build your dream cookie city.

Have you ever thought about the city you created yourself? Have you ever wanted to be a city leader? Cookie Clicker City will make these dreams come true.

What Is Cookie Clicker City

Cookie Clicker City is an idle game where you click on a giant cookie to create other cookies. Try to produce as many cookies as possible and use them to build your city. In conclusion, we can summarize that this special city is a city built from cookies. And how to produce cookies? You only need to click.

In addition, to be able to develop cities of different sizes, you need to know the following information. Note that these features are unique.

Necessary Information For All Players

Building Your Own City

In the Building section, you can use cookies to unlock useful items. They will help you to produce cookies automatically. The more you buy, the more productivity increases.

For example, you can buy a cursor or grandma to increase the number of cookies. Cursor is cheaper than Grandma. As a result, Cursor will be able to generate cookies slower than Grandma. These characteristics are also the same for the following items.

You need to choose wisely how to use cookies to get the most profit. You can see more information about this game in the About Cookie Clicker City part.

Cheapest Upgrades

The more cookies you have, the more upgrades you can use. There are 3 cheapest upgrades:

  • Reinforced index finger: helps increase the productivity of the cursor by 2 times.
  • Carpal tunnel prevention cream: helps to increase the productivity of the cursor by 2 times.
  • Forwards from grandma: helps increase the productivity of grandma by 2 times.

Achievements You Can Gain

Earn admirable achievements and complete the leaderboard in the Achievements section.

Cookie Clicker City Settings

This entertaining game allows you to set much different information for this Cookie Clicker City game, including saving, exporting, importing, and loading file.