Comfy Farm

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Comfy Farm helps you experience the life of a farmer from day to night and in contrast. Are you ready to take care of seeds and get profits? Your life in this game is like life in real life as the weather and temperature change from day to day.

Start Your Day With Sowing

To become a rich farmer in Comfy Farm, you need to sow as many seeds as possible. These seeds will grow into agricultural crops and bring you profits.

In order to start, this online game gives you 4 plots of land to cultivate. Till the soil and sow the appropriate seeds. For example, you can plant carrot seeds for free or use money to buy seeds like corn, sunflower, and watermelon. Note that the amount of money collected will be higher if you use paid seeds.

Remember to Take Care of Plants In Comfy Farm

There are quite a few problems when you grow plants in the real world. Likewise, Comfy Farm will also have a lot of plant-related issues that you need to watch out for. In particular, there are 2 outstanding issues: watering and removing pests. Observe the plants and water as needed. Especially, during the day, your plants are easy to lack water. Besides, there are insects or birds that will come and destroy your farm. Catch or chase them away immediately!