Color Burst 3D

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Color Burst 3D takes you into the world of color and speed. You will rotate your ball to move to the same color as your ball while the movement speed is fast.

What Challenges You Must Face

The passage of time in Color Burst 3D corresponds to the challenges that are coming your way in this running game. Challenges come with speed and color. There are many colors such as red, purple, yellow, and blue. These colors form a circle. Besides, the moving speed of the ball is not slow. You must adapt to this speed when you first come to the game.

How to control the game is to slide your mouse to rotate your ball. This moving way can be challenging for some players because it makes you stiff when moving.

Guides To Overcome Challenges In Color Burst 3D

A circle consists of several colors. You need to select the area with the same color as the ball to move through. The game will be over if you move into areas of different colors. If you successfully move through a circle, you will receive a star and proceed to the next circle. Note that your ball may change color. It will be dangerous if you don't pay attention to this change.

Your stars will be gathered. You can use them to customize your ball. In addition, you also get some points for each successful circle. Your highest score will be recorded to form your leaderboard.