Color Break

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Color Break opens a mysterious maze for you to explore and destroy all blocks. This unique gameplay can make you surprised and have great experiences.

Color Break's Unique Combination

This game is not just a single game genre. Instead, it is a combination of action games and mind games.

In the term of the action game, you can destroy all other objects on the map to satisfy your entertainment needs. During that breaking process, the game will also ask you to use your wits. You need to control so that the ball can reach all the blocks. That is the aspect of the mind game in this game.

Having Fun With Your Ball

In Color Break, you will control the ball yourself. To perform this action, you need to understand the role of the objects in the game. The role of the ball is very important because it is a tool to help you break other objects. Other objects are blocks with different colors.

However, you need to pay attention that your ball can only break blocks of the same color. You can change the color of your ball by touching the blocks with snowflakes.

How to control: You can click or use arrow keys.