Clown Park - Hide And Seek

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Let's hide and seek with a secret character in Clown Park - Hide And Seek? In this game, you can become a fugitive or seeker to play in the horror world.

All Characters And Goal In Clown Park - Hide And Seek

There are 2 main characters: fugitive and seeker.

  • In terms of the fugitive, you have to run and avoid the attack of the seeker. If you are caught, the game will end.
  • In terms of the seeker, you need to find all fugitives in the required time. If you can not complete this goal, you will lose.

Each mission of each character is very important because it affects the final outcome of the game. Whatever role you may be in, do your best to fulfill your task. In addition, the seeker in this Clown Park - Hide And Seek game is a Clown with a savage smile. This character will make the game become more intense and thrilling to experience.

Other Necessary Information

Rules To Organize Matches

Each match will take place in 2 minutes. You have to keep safe or seek in this time. It is different from other games with no time limitation. Besides, there are several fugitives, but only one seeker appears in each match. The fugitives can run anywhere on the map. You may feel unfair to the seeker because the seeker is alone. However, be aware of the bonus abilities that the seeker can get. It will be mentioned in the next section. In addition, there are guide arrows to show the positions of fugitives for seekers. You can rest assured about the fairness of this arcade game.

If you lose your mission, a heart will be broken. If your hearts run out, you can not start a new match.

Talents In Clown Park - Hide And Seek

When running, collect talent to run faster or have unique abilities. Note that you need to wait for the talent box open.