Clicker Heroes

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Clicker Heroes simulates battles with monsters in a simple way. All you need to do is click on monsters to eliminate them, buy upgrades, and get coins. Starting this arcade game, you will start with 0 coins and a beast in a forest. Let's click on this monster to eliminate it. It costs you a number of clicks to kill a monster and each monster only gives you one coin. So how to quickly have a lot of coins and kill as many monsters as possible? This will be deciphered in the next section.

Effects Of Upgrades

Clicker Heroes has many different upgrades for players. However, these upgrades need to be unlocked before they can be used. In particular, they will not appear at the beginning of the game. Instead, they will appear gradually based on the number of coins you have.

First, an upgrade is essential for all players, called Cid. It increases the damage per click. For example, it costs you 5 clicks to kill a monster initially. However, after upgrading, it only takes 1 to 2 clicks to destroy that monster.

You can then buy automatic upgrades to help you kill monsters automatically. You don't need to directly click on the monster anymore. Instead, support items will work.

Notes When Playing Clicker Heroes

The forest where monsters appear can be upgraded. In high-level forests, the monsters there will give you more profit. Besides, when starting the game, you also have to collect those coins yourself. Don't miss any coins.