Cat Tofu Girl

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Cat Tofu Girl will turn you into a beautiful girl to join the challenges of the game. Jump on the backs of cute cats and avoid being knocked over to win points. This game belongs to the action game, but you will not shoot, fight, or combat. Instead, you only need to jump to overcome the challenges of the game.

Help Your Girl And Enjoy Entertainment

Cat Tofu Girl brings you entertainment from various sources. First, the game's graphics are a highlight as you can see pictures of adorable cats, a beautiful girl, and delicious fish cakes. Besides, the prize of the game is also very attractive.

In order to enjoy this, you need to help the girl to jump. There will be cats that are constantly brought in and overlap. Meanwhile, you are standing on the back of an existing cat. In order not to be pushed down, you need to jump at the right time and land on the next cat. The girl's adventure will continue like that until the game is over. Note that your score depends on your number of successful jumps. The same goes for the game's rewards.

What Rewards You Get When You Join Cat Tofu Girl

The most outstanding reward for you is fish cakes. You can use these cakes to unlock new outfits for your character and new cats.