Cat Mario

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Welcome you to a new game, Cat Mario on our website to enjoy your free time! This arcade game will not let you down! In order to verify that, you can follow the following 2 sections: how to beat Cat Mario and the game's art.

How To Beat Cat Mario

Cat Mario is an adventure Mario-belonged game. However, you will experience becoming a new character, Cat and different challenges are also waiting for you. To figure out how to beat this running game, we need to grasp all the challenges and how to control our character first.

All Challenges In Cat Mario

Like previous Mario versions, your character will face dangerous monsters and carnivorous plants. These obstacles can move on the ground, emerge from piles or levitate from unexpected locations.

Besides, you can see platforms in different locations. They can get in your way. In many cases, platforms can even appear unexpectedly to keep you from reacting.

How to Control Your Character

You need to use arrow keys to control your cat.

The Game's Art

The Cat Mario game is designed based on a Japanese theme with pixel graphics. This makes the game's art impressive for many players. The graphics are both simple and unique.