Cannon Balls 3D

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Cannon Balls 3D is a shooting-cannon game in which you have to destroy all objects in front of you with limited bullets. It's not easy to complete levels.

The Most Remarkable Challenge In Cannon Balls 3D

When you play this shooting game, you will see this fact because the most difficult thing is to use limited bullets. Players don't often have enough bullets to push out all objects. How about you? Can you complete this mission and proceed to new levels?

However, these difficulties will be completely worth it because after each level you will receive points and record admirable achievements in the game's summary table.

Instructions To Play

Cannon Balls 3D has the same mission for each level. They are only different with the number of bullets and objects. Therefore, in order to be easy to understand, let's take an example with level 1.

Level 1 allows you to use 5 bullets to complete this level. However, it includes 5 sub-levels. It means that you only have 1 bullet to finish each sub-level. You can see the number of bullets in the box next to the cannon. The number of sub-levels is shown at the top of the screen. Besides, you can collect accumulated points to receive bombs that will help you destroy objects more easily.