Break The Cup

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Break The Cup is ready for you to test your intelligence by finding a way to destroy all cups on the map and complete a level. It's a puzzle game. In particular, this puzzle game includes various levels with stars for you to challenge. Overcoming a level is difficult, but overcoming a level with a 3-star reward is more challenging. Can you become this talented player in order to achieve this proud award?

How To Break The Cup

The game will give you blue balls. Their number is usually 5. You just need to use these balls to drop and break cups at all costs. Note that the number and position of cups are not fixed. You need to drop the balls to match the conditions that the game offers.

After running out of balls, all cups are broken, and you will win. Otherwise, you need to restart that level. The number of stars you get depends on the number of balls you use. The fewer balls you use, the more stars you have.

How To Control

Click and hold the left mouse button and slide to move blue balls. Release it to drop. Remember to aim balls at cups to break them more easily.