Brain Trainer

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Brain Trainer will help you to test and improve your intelligence with challenging puzzles. Are you ready to receive challenges and show your abilities? This online game belongs to the mind game, so it is very suitable for children to improve their thinking. Besides, adults can also participate to entertain and train thinking.

Rules Of This Puzzle Game

Brain Trainer gives players 5 chances corresponding to 5 hearts. Each lost heart will bring you closer to the end of the game. So, when will your heart lose? If you answer the question wrong, you will lose a heart. On the contrary, each correct answer will bring you gifts and points. At the same time, you will progress to the next levels.

To answer the questions, you just need to use the mouse to click and select the answer. Sometimes, you have to make difficult decisions to handle the situation. Try and don't give up because there will be gifts for you. The game doesn't limit time, so you can spend many times thinking before deciding. Besides, don't forget to use available hints.

Brain Trainer's Gift

After each correct answer, you have a chance to choose one of 3 treasure chests. The rewards will be random. However, the most valuable reward is the hint that gives you cues to solve the Brain Trainer puzzles.

Note for you that there are trick puzzles that you can't think of in the usual way. For example, the game asks you to choose the biggest number. However, the biggest here is the size of the number rather than its value. You can see that there are traps for you, so don't forget the hints so as not to lose any hearts.