Block Stacking

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Block Stacking brings the image of cool watermelons with puzzles. However, instead of eating them, you will arrange to form complete blocks.

Block Stacking Available Items

Starting this online game, you will receive a few items available before proceeding to the official challenges. The first available item is a stack of watermelon pieces. These watermelon pieces are arranged in random positions. Besides, there will also be pieces of watermelon added when you play this entertaining game.

In addition to watermelon, you can also see power-ups like bombs to remove watermelon pieces and arrows to change target watermelon pieces.

Rules When Playing

This game has simple but challenging gameplay where you need to adjust the position of the watermelon pieces. Four pieces of watermelon can form a complete block. However, they need to be in place. Your task is to change the direction of the prepared watermelon piece before placing it on the watermelon stack. However, it is difficult when the watermelon stack will rotate continuously.

When you form a complete block, those watermelon pieces will be cleared. Otherwise, the added watermelon pieces can fill up the watermelon stack and the game will be over.

To change the direction of the watermelon, you just need to use the mouse to drag it.