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BitLife creates a new life in the digital world. Come to this online game to decide everything in your life such as assets, relationships, and activities.

Start A New Life

This arcade game starts with you being born with basic information about birthdays, addresses, parents, and other family members. You can grow up and turn a new age by clicking the +Age sign. After you add your age, different events will happen in your life such as family status, health, and friends.

At each of these ages, you can go to the Assets, Relationships, and Activities sections to do what you want. However, they will be age-restricted. You can only do what people your age can do. Physical conditions and economic situations will also affect you. For example, it's only possible to buy a car when you have enough money.

Ensuring 4 Elements in BitLife

You need to pay attention to 4 factors: Happiness, Health, Smarts, and Looks. These factors are determined by the actions you take at each age. For example, you can raise your Smarts if you study hard. The Happiness quotient may drop if you break up with your lover.

However, make sure that these indicators are always green to have the best life possible.